Our Operating Principles

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Labour is recruited, as far as possible, from the areas in which the company undertake contracts. Since our contracts are normally labour intensive, a significant number of job opportunities are created with every new contract.

Sub-contractors is also utilised and managed for certain disciplines. We operate within the OHS Act regulations and provide safe and healthy working conditions.

We provide a framework for personal growth and development of our employees. We foster open communication and mutual respect among our employees, colleagues and peers. JVC Dynamic despises discrimination and implements an equitable employment policy


We are committed to building and maintaining a safe working environment with continual improvement. By creating safety induction, safety measures and procedures, we ensure that there is no compromise regarding the safety of the people.

Through safety training and commitment, we believe to grow a sustainable behavioural character among everyone. We are keenly aware of the impact we, our projects and supply may have on the environment and, as a result, implement programmes and policies to minimize adverse effects, focusing on construction methods and materials that allow for a ‘Greener’ project construction process or final product.